The DemiJohn Island location overlooks the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge, a magnificent bird and wildlife sanctuary.  The annual Christmas bird count has one of the highest Audubon counts in the nation.  More than 100,000 snow geese, Canadian geese, and other birds and ducks find refuge here during the winter.   In the summer, herons, egrets, white ibis, roseate spoonbill, mottled duck, kites, larks, sparrows and flycather call this home.
The Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge is a wonderful place to tour by car or hike on foot.  Plenty of trails abound for those desiring to stretch their legs and capture wildlife photos.  Canoeing, kayaking and fishing may also be enjoyed. There is also a handicapped fishing area at Bastrop Bayou. Please check the Wildlife Refuge homepage for details.


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Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge The area draws one of the highest Audubon Christmas bird counts in the nation - more than 200 species.

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