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  The birds often come to you!  


NOTES:  No pets allowed in the house.  The garage area (1st floor) and elevator is out of bounds, unless someone in your party requires the use of a wheelchair or walker, and then it is only available for ingress/egress for the individual.  Spring Break parties are not allowed; at least one adult (>25 yrs old) must be part of the group.  Parking must be done only on the concrete driveway.  Most "empty" lots have septic pipes than can be broken by the weight of a car, so there is no parking available on the grass (and that includes my house).  No jumping into the bayou from the 2nd story or roof allowed.  Free wireless broadband Internet is available, but not guaranteed.    No telephone.   A TV and DVD player are provided for your use.  TV stations are local channels only, via antenna.  The water from the tap is perfectly safe to drink, but has an odd taste; consequently, by the kitchen sink there is a small reverse-osmosis system for drinking water only, and it outputs pure water.  It has a very limited output, so its use should be conserved.  Payment is via PayPal (you do not have to have a PayPal account to use it; it will take common credit cards).  Deposit is to be a written check that will not be cashed; after verification that all is okay, the check will be returned or destroyed, your choice.


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We are a family-based business and welcome you into our home! We only ask that you leave the house as clean as you find it.

Fri/Sat/Sun $350 for the weekend, with a $200 security deposit.  The $200 check will not be cashed; it will be returned after 30 days if there are no problems.  You can pay by check or use PayPal (you can use a credit card via PayPal, without signing up; use the VISA-MasterCard logo button below).  Check in: Friday, 5pm; Check out: Sunday 4pm.

Additional days Each day in addition to the weekend is $100/day.

One Week 7 nights -- for example, arriving Friday afternoon and departing the following Friday morning -- rate is $750 plus deposit as stated above.

Terms and Conditions Click here to view Terms and Conditions..

Payments are processed through the PayPal account, qcsiSystems.

You can also send checks/money orders to:  Robert Laird, 32242 Robin Ln., Waller, TX 77484